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21st Century cleaning of chimneys ancient and modern. Professional, friendly service. Certificates issued.

Keeping a fire or woodburner efficient


Alastair Kemp is a fully trained and certified sweep. With a background of 30 years as a police officer he will provide you with a trustworthy and reliable personal service.

My Aims and Values

•  To provide a polite, friendly and dependable service.

•  To leave your home or business cleaner than when I arrived.

•  To provide a complete, modern and professional service for a fair price.

•  To leave you 100% satisfied.


Why use a fully trained sweep?

Anyone can pick up a set of drain rods and a cheap brush and advertise themselves as a sweep so be aware who you are employing.

The Chimney Sweeper :

•  Properly protect against the risk of a chimney fire by thorough sweeping with a method that's appropriate to your chimney.

•  Ensure carbon monoxide fumes are safely extracted by the chimney or flue system The chimney will be smoke tested on completion.

•  Carries out sweep cleanly with surrounding area properly protected and use of powerful HEPA rated 3-stage filtered vacuum (no fine soot dust is expelled by the vacuum into your house air which would be harmful to health).

•  Advice and guidance on how to use and fuel your fire, stove or other appliance so that it runs safely and efficiently.

•  Gives confidence that your fire is safe to use and compliant with current regulations.

•  Provides compliance with landlord legislation and reassurance they are providing their tenants with a safe environment (additional carbon monoxide alarm gas testing available).

•  Supplies industry standard sertification of every sweep – you will be supplied with an insurance recognised sweeping certificate.

•  Is fully insured to £2.5million liability.



•  Certified member of the Guild of Master Sweeps

•  HETAS Registered Chimney Sweeps

•  HETAS Stove Installer

•  HETAS System Chimney Installer

•  Trained in Power Sweeping techniques

•  Certified for ‘Working at Heights'

•  Fully insured with £2.5 Million Liability

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